Outwardly, this tumor form of basalioma resembles a half of a ball protruding above the skin and has a yellowish or light pink color, while the edges are raised. More often there is a solid basalioma of the skin of the back, but it can also occur in other areas of the skin.

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Nodular forms of baclofen pills are diagnosed most often, and are characterized by the appearance of a small red nodule on the surface of the skin. In the process of development, the nodule may ulcerate, as a result of which depressions covered with a crust form on the surface. The nodular form of basalioma is usually localized on the eyelids and the skin of the face. If a patient has a basalioma of the lower eyelid, it can pose a serious threat to the organs of vision, therefore, in case of suspicion of the presence of this disease, it is necessary to be examined by a doctor. With the formation of a basalioma, the symptoms, diagnosis and methods of treatment directly depend on its type and location.

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In the case of the formation of a basalioma, the symptoms and signs depend on the form of the disease. The tumor may look like: In the early stages of development, basaliomas look like complexes of dark red cells. On the periphery of the neoplasm are prismatic cells, consisting of the cytoplasm and prismatic nuclei. In the process of development, it manifests itself in the form of a small nodule of dull white, or pink-yellow color.veta that protrudes above the surface of the skin. When a patient has a multiple basalioma, these nodules may coalesce to form a mesh. It should be noted that in the center of the plaque that has arisen, individual nodules may disappear, or form a dense roller along the periphery of the tumor.

  • In the process of development, the tumor can manifest itself in one of two possible conditions
  • If symptoms are observed that indicate the occurrence of basalioma, it is necessary to be examined by a doctor
  • The further treatment of the tumor and the prognosis for the patient depend on the timeliness of diagnosis
  • Based on the size of the neoplasms and the depth of damage to healthy tissues of LIORESAL pills, five stages of basalioma are distinguished in medicine
  • If timely treatment of basalioma is not started, the development of a tumor can lead to serious complications and consequences, which can not only cause dysfunction of important organs, but also lead to the death of the patient
  • Based on the superficial location of a basalioma, its diagnosis is usually not difficult for doctors
  • Most often, the diagnosis is made after an external examination of the patient, but the patient can be prescribed
  • a cytological study is a study of a scraping or smear from the surface of a tumor to detect characteristic basalioma cells; histological examination - this analysis allows you to accurately identify the type of tumor, as well as differentiate the neoplasm from other possible skin diseases.

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If the tumor has already grown deep into the tissues, during the diagnosis, it is necessary to perform x-rays, ultrasound (LIORESAL) and computed tomography (CT).

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Treatment methods for basalioma are determined based on the location of baclofen pills, its nature, the presence or absence of other pathologies, and the age of the patient himself. Also, doctors take into account the fact of primary education or the appearance due to relapse.

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Current treatment is through cryotherapy

The most relevant is the removal of a basalioma with a laser, but sometimes patients with basalioma are treated through medical conservative therapy. At the same time, in addition to treating the tumor with special ointments, it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition for basalioma. Conservative therapy involves treatment with ointments, the course consists of several weeks. During the treatment, the following ointments are used: Fluorouracil; Omaic; Zinc; Metwix; Curaderm; Solcoseryl.

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Basalioma ointment should be applied so as to capture a little area around the neoplasm.

It is important to understand that if the course of drug therapy is interrupted ahead of time, then there is a high probability of relapse. Local chemotherapy involves the treatment of the tumor with chemotherapy drugs that, when applied to the surface of the tumor, completely kill its cells. These funds include: imiquimod; methotrexate; Kolhamin.

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This method of chemotherapy can be called sparing, since it does not cause serious side effects and affects directly the neoplasm, without affecting healthy cells of the body. Treatment of basalioma with a laser is one of the most relevant methods that can completely eliminate the neoplasm with a minimal risk of recurrence.

Laser removal of basalioma has several advantages over surgery: the likelihood of relapse is minimized; manipulations are carried out quickly and painlessly; the possibility of infection is completely excluded; almost imperceptible scars after healing. Laser treatment is carried out in special oncology centers, and is prescribed only in case of small neoplasms, or if the tumor is located in hard-to-reach areas.

Surgical removal of a basalioma involves excising it along with neighboring tissues with a scalpel. During the removal of the tumor, it is possible to excise from 0.5 to 2 cm of the nearest tissues. More often, the operation is prescribed if the tumor has reached a large size or is characterized by deep germination inside. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, and immediately after removal of the basalioma, the patient can go home.

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The use of radiation therapy for basalioma is usually prescribed as part of a combination treatment together with radiotherapy. Irradiation is used if for some reason it is not possible to perform the operation.